African Actress Yvonne Nelson Pregnancy, Due Date & Baby Details. All You Need To Know

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It is no longer news that famous African actress Yvonne Nelson is expecting her first child. What is more fascinating is how she kept quiet all through her pregnancy to the point where practically everyone in her circle knew she is about to put to bed.

Now let’s talk about Yvonne Nelson’s pregnancy

The actress was first confirmed pregnant in July 2017 when she shared a lovely video of herself gaining baby weight.

Fans are of the opinion that the single actress hasĀ  married secretly while she kept mum from the social media on the identity of her husband.

Yvonne Nelson Due Date

Her expected due date is November 5th 2017.

Though this is an expected delivery date, confirmed that she is due any moment from now.

On the gender of her baby, an insiders to Nkonkonsa that she is expecting a baby girl.

Here is all you need to know about darling actress Yvonne Nelson for now.

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